Thursday, February 26, 2009

Still on a high from the good news yesterday and all the emails and comments of support I have receieved.

The thought that I will be able to sit again in the wheelchair is such a wonderful idea.

Has given me another perspective of life, have done so very well not going downhill despite being confined to the bed.

Glad that I have been using the motomed to keep my legs exercised as well as the 30 to 40 minutes arm exercises that I do every morning.

Has kept my arms from becoming too weak, it has been beneficial for my hands, at the moment can still use the mouse have not needed the headmouse.

Will add a few more arm exercises that my fysio advises plus startrr to concentrate on my back muscles.

And start to push for my wheelchaor being properly adaped so there is no danger of my having another pressure sore.

Roll on end of March and a party to celebrate as well as a party in April for my darling's 50 th birthday.

Good things coming up yippee!!


Ana said...

I'm so happy for you!
You're a very positive person and it helps a lot.

Chloe said...

You're positive attitude is contagious!! Don't ever lose it!!

Cheers! Chloe

~Erin~ said...

YAY!! This is such great news Herrad! I'm so happy for you. Keep on getting better, and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Herrad said...

Thanks for trhe encouragement and support.

Marit C-L said...

I found your blog through Charisa's blog... You are so incredibly strong and amazing. A true inspiration! I'm thinking of you and sending you lots and lots of good vibes! That's great news - it makes me so happy to read! :) Thank your for your honesty, integrity, strength, and courage in the face of MS. Your message is one for many people -

Teresa said...

Keep being the best you can be, others recognize it and it is inspiring!

Charisa said...

I'm rooting for you getting back into that wheelchair soon!

Anonymous said...

Hooray! You will be back on your scooter by summer for sure!

Keep up the great work! Umm, both of you, that is.


Jen said...

Yay Herrad!! You rock and I want to add that I really enjoyed Richie's post at the Carnival of MS Bloggers. My husband's in it for the long haul as well...

PS: I dig the hot pink hair. Thought you were a firecracker and now I know for sure---LOL..

soulful sepulcher said...

I'm looking forward to the day along with you! and am glad you have uplifted spirits.


Richie said...

I want to take you for a fruit shake at the Bajoe this summer.
PS. Don't you get a lot of comments- how nice for you.

mortonlake said...

good for you,i am going to tell you something.the reason we,us followers,comment is because you dont just say,i give up,i cant do it,had say,im going to do my hardest to do it.huge difference.keep you on a troshin gal.thass norfolk my ow bewty. means keep going,to get something done.i sometimes revert to my local mort xx