Monday, February 02, 2009


Writing is always exploring even writing essays for uni where they had to be very structured was an exploration.

In my essays I always somehow ended up where I wanted to be.

And each time it was a surprise.

Think I always ended up where I wanted to be because I had sletched it all out in a few notes, knew what I wanted to prove and did it.

In non essy writing this is the same except the journey is longer more intense as the story has more room to live a life of its own.


mortonlake said...

herrad,just let it flow.the days it wont work,dont post.thats why my posta are few n far between going to do an the words flow and you find inspiration.and a little helps.sometimes i need to let out whats inside.take care,in my thoughts,mort xx

Unknown said...

I have found over the past year that as I write about something, whether it was an event that occurred long ago, or it's new research I've come across, by the time I get to the end, I have learned something. I am surprised as


kmilyun said...

Sometimes there is something to be said and sometimes it is what is not said.

But once I start writing blog style it just sort of comes out - not always good form but I end up somewhere.