Saturday, February 14, 2009

Strange world!

Had a reasonable nights sleep not bad considering the pain I was in the night before and during the day yesterday.

Consequently I had abit of a weepy day yesterday.

Still in alot of pain but think sleeping well stops me feeling so desperate.

Feeling abit brighter today and aim to keep feeling like that.

Yesterday felt like a burden not just for Richie but weirdly also for myself.

Felt quite desperate there for awhile calmed down later and it helped that I could lose myself in watching a pogramm about animals on the telly.

Animal Planet is a good distraction for me.

It's a strange world where so much money is spent on weapons and making war and killing people yet there is still no cure for MS and other horrible diseases.


Unknown said...

YES! The priorities of national spending are baffling.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

mortonlake said...

you sound like me.the times ive asked same are so much worse than me.yet,i could be where you are is a vile disease.also had crappy day yesterday,went to bed at 1am got up at 3.thank god for the internet,friends online,and care,love mort xx

Blinders Off said...

I use to have a bad problem feeling like a burden when MS knocks me around.

WE ARE NOT A BURDEN Just ask your love ones and believe it when they answer you.