Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thanks for the support and love.

Nearly did not publish Robert's comments yesterday but glad that I did as the result has been alot of great comments full of support and love.

Yesterday showed me aqain how good it is to be a part of the blogsphere.

Feedback is crucial at any time but especially for me now that I am full time in bed.

Like Richie I too hope that others are spared what has happened to me/us feel like a storm just like in the Wizard of Oz came along and tore me away from everything and when I got back nothing was the same again.

Sadly the wizard, the neurologist I met could not help and seemingly was not even sympathetic, no bedside manner at all.

It is difficult to make major adjustments even worse when everything has to be constantly readjusted.

I do not try and list what I can't do anymore as its an endless list so make a list, a small one of things that I can do.

They include.
eat and drink.
brush my teeth, clumsy but works.
talk alot.
sing cept only know first couple of words then trail off.
type with one finger.
love my darling Richie.
love my friends.
enjoy the dogs.
listen to audio books in three languages.
laugh alot.
enjoy Richie's humour.
enjoy everything I can.
be supportive.

Quite a list good to read and to see that though life is restricted to one room but with laptop and internet I am in touch with the world.


Jen said...

I think Anne mentioned you might do podcasts? I hope so. I really like coming here, Herrad. There's a warmth about you that draws one in.

Lisa Emrich said...


You are simply amazing and I'm so glad that Robert's negative comments were able to be turned around into an expression of love, understanding, and support from those who know just a bit more about your courage and strength.

Just as Richie, Jen, and others have said, there is a warmth about you that draws people in. It would be amazing to hear your voice someday.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Thanks for your visitr, and I was glad to see your name there in the comments.
I know life is not easy for you and my heart goes out to you.
I am confined to me home because of Health Issues, so I understand a little bit about restrictions.
I am glad you have your dear Ritchie and your Dogs as well as your Laptop!
Take Good Care Herrad...

mortonlake said...

love is all you need.no,not a beatles revival.lol.just the truth herrad.never let anyone upset you on blogspot,keep positive.and richie??he adores you hun.and you him.thats what keeps you going.love.nice innit???take care,love mort.xxxxx

Anonymous said...

For once, I got ticked off about someone, said something about it and got results!

Hooray for you Herrad. Oh, and always publish -- we are your friends and will always stick up for you!


kmilyun said...

Podcasts! We need podcasts.

I am glad that the negative comments turned into something positive.

Keep sharing your strength and spirit with us.

Vicki said...

Nice list. We should all make a list of things we can still do.

Another list might be the people who are so supportive. You are warm, and you attract love. Richie said the world needs herrard, and I am just one of many who agree.

Richie said...

Yeah thanks Robert! Herrad has got a big positive off his comment.

Yeah- and what about the podcasts?