Saturday, February 21, 2009

Woke up crying today.

Edmonton, Canada.

Woke up this morning crying, Richie was straight over to my bedside and held my hand and stroked my face lovingly.

Abit of a shock to wake up like this but after the storm of weeping was over it was quite a relief.

Good to be able to share everything with Richie especially these moments as its better to let it out than keeping it in.

It is very scary what is happening to me and not acknowledging it would not be good.

I am frightened and do not want to hide it from my myself or Richie or anyone else.

Once my tears stopped I could dry my face and start doing the arm exercises that I start evry day with.

And now I feel alot better and can enjoy my day.

It is frightening what is happening as the progress of the MS has been so very fast it has been difficult to keep up with it emotionally.


Richie said...

I rips me apart when you cry. I want to say it will be al right, don't worry, all the clich├ęs we use to comfort.
All I can do is "be there"- as if occupying a space is a contribution to some solution.
I love you so very much.

Herrad said...

Darling Richie,

This morning was quite a shock waking up crying like that.

Glad you are here as it made it better.

Love you so very much and if it were possible to solve this you would do it and make me better I know that and see it in everything you do for me.

You are a wonderful man, a beautiful human being so glad I met you in 1989 best thing that has ever happened to me.

Thank you darling for all you love and care and all the happiness, fun and laughing.

Take it easy sweetheart.

Herrad said...

Love you too darling Richie.
Thanks for being here for me this morning.
It did help me and got me through the moment.
It confirmed for me once again that it is important even vital to share and comunicate.


Amelia said...

It is obvious the relationship between the two of you is built on a strong bond. That is an amazing thing that you can both be there for each other. As much as Richie is your support, Herrad, You are equally a support to him.
I have an amazing husband and I wouldn't be able to cope with my situation without him.
So cry all you need to, Richie will be there to mop up your tears.
I hope you are feeling better and I am sending you big hugs.
Lots of Love
Amelia XxXxX

soulful sepulcher said...

I haven't known what to say since I read this earlier. Your caring and love for another is so touching. Thanks for sharing yourselves here.

mortonlake said...

i am so lucky in my MS,its bad at times,and yeah,i always got some problems,but nothing compared to you love.the one thing i dont have and do envy you for.someone like richie in my to you both,mort xx

Libby said...

oh, herrad, i feel so bad for the physical crap you have to put up with, but it sounds like you hve the perfect person to help you shouulder the burden! & richie, you have no IDEA how much of a contribution it is for someone to "be there"! honestly, i hope to have that with someone, someday!

Stan said...

Dear Herrad and Richie:

I just wanted to send you my heart felt best wishes today. I hope the morning tears turned into evening laughter and joy.

Yours Truly,

Unknown said...

My dearest Herrad and Richie - I cry tears from my heart for us all as life seems so hurts me too much to even write here but know that I am there always for each one of you..couldn't agree more that its the best thing that ever happened to you in meeting Richie in 1989..amazing blessings indeed for you to find each other except of course for this pain and much anticipated loss..a big hug to you both and Spike and Marlene too..Love always. xxxxJaya xxxxx

steve said...

Dear Herrad -

Please give Richie more to do. He obviously has too much time on his hands, and the new format on his blog scared the bejesus out of me. At least I don't need my reading glasses any more. I feel younger already! On second thought give him my thanks and a hug from BR and me.