Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bi-weekly inspection of pressure sore

Yesterday our wonderful nurse came by to check on the progress and while he was pleased with how it is progressing it had not got much smaller than the last time when it got a cm smaller.

Apparently it is often the case that the last stage of healing can seem to drag on forever.

Need to remain focussed and optimistic which I will do with my darlings support.


mortonlake said...

they can take ages.i found out i dont feel heat too well,rested a very hot mug of tea on me tummy,watching tv,found i had a huge blister.its taken ages to heal. take care,mort x

Herrad said...

hi Mort,

Blister on your tummy from the hot cup!

How painful called out OUCH when I read that.

Take care,

Richie said...

It shall be better news next time!!!!