Sunday, February 01, 2009

Good night's sleep last night fell asleep before the music stopped.

Often lie awake for what seems like hours, often don't know when I fell asleep except know have been asleep when I am suddenly awakened by extremely strong muscle cramps in my arms.

Muscle spasms and cramps courtesy of the MS, amazing that I can't laugh or yawn without my arms and shoulders getting cramped and staying like that all through yawning and laughing.

When that happens sleep is over as it is difficult for me to go back to sleep again, so usually the only thing I can do then is listen to my darling sleeping and if it is very early hear the sounds of Amsterdam waking up.

Last night was very good fell asleep real quick and when I woke it was 10 am and only briefly pain and discomfort in my arms even managed to doze for awile until Richie got up and it was time for leg massage and pills.

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Jen said...

I find myself getting the "jimmy" legs sometimes--- I guess muscle spasms that are like restless leg syndrome. Very annoying and they can keep me from sleeping. I used to take Neurontin for them, but now I opt not to.

Other than that, I have trouble sleeping because of my cat, my snoring partner, and my lack of truly being tired from a full day's work. So every night I go to bed and see what happens...

Good afternoon to you, Herrad (it's 12:30 pm here.)