Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Have been asked by someone from Mediciglobal who are working on a multiple sclerosis clinical research study assessing the safety and effectiveness of an oral medication called teriflunomide to place a statement from the company.

Did not want to place the companies statement on my blog as I do not feel it fits in with the thinking and style.

However do not want to deny anyone the benefits of this drug so here are the links:

Visit or call 1-866-565-0245 today to learn more about the study and see if you may qualify.


mortonlake said...

not goin to comment on drugs,im fed up being a guinea pig on the ones i am on.just popped in to make sure you were keeping richie on his toes.hes watching too much rugby between you n take care,love mort xxxxxx

Herrad said...

Hi Mort,

Thanks for your comment, the guinea pig thought kept me from putting their statement on my blog.

Keep warm and cheerful.
Love to you and your mum.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your comments and for posting information about the TOWER study that is evaluating an oral medicine for relapsing forms of MS. From an online survey recently conducted, we found that over 90% of people with MS want to see the research process accelerated. Providing information about clinical trial opportunities is one way to address this need. Few people realize that the research process is well regulated with strict oversight and controls to protect people’s safety. That’s why the informed consent process is an important first step, in this way people know they have control over enrolling and withdrawing from a study at any time. The MS community is eagerly awaiting the advent of more oral treatments, and the TOWER study is an opportunity to gain access to an oral treatment at no cost, and each study includes extensive monitoring, as required by the FDA. The TOWER study is now listed on a number of important Websites including the National MS Society (NMSS). On this particular Website you can also find out how to get involved in a clinical study. I recommend checking out the “Research” page at for the tips on what you need to know before participating in a clinical study.