Monday, February 02, 2009

Begin the day with two Jack Russells.

My days start with the sounds of Spike one of our two Jack Russell terriers squeaking in the front room.

This is followed by him charging the door and running in to the bedroom full tilt followed by Marleen the other terrier.

They swoop on Richie's bed and demand cuddles and then games in quick sucession.

At this point I start to do my arm exercises, then when the dogs let him get away Richie gets up and massages my legs.

Spike then decides he wants me to play ball with him which we manage somehow it gets too exciting for him so he dashes off with the ball to his bed for a game on his own tossing the ball in the air and catching it.

As soon as I have had my pills Richie can have his morning cup of coffee and I my chocolate drink and read the newspapers online.

That's how it goes everyday


mortonlake said...

my cat just bites me.maybe i should trade her in?? lol tc mort x

Jen said...

My morning ritual includes mauling my cat for about a half hour, lurching to the bathroom to go (yet again), and starting the coffee maker....

Good morning, Herrad...

Richie said...

Bloody dogs!