Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sunday 1st February 2009.

When I was diagnosed in 2006 I was so shocked felt my life had ended did not expect to wake up the day after but I did.

Then slept loads over the next few weeks and was abit of a 'hermit', also because I could not walk any distances.

The 'hermit' period was soon over and was soon researching the acessibility of the city for handicapped people.

Amsterdam is not very accessible, where the buildings are very old ok but new buildings.

Public transport in the city is dreadful and the trains only accessible if you call in advance then you get helped in and out so you can't travel just like that.

It was quite a shock to find out the reality of life for so many yet little is done to solve the problem.

In 2002 Amsterdam spent millions on new trams that are only accessible when a metal ramp is put out and this can't be done at most stops as there is no room so handicapped people can't use the tram.

Yet millions were spent on the new trams ditto the trains where they also spent millions but are not independently accessible maybe by 2020 they will be accessible who knows.

The trams and trains were bought a year or two before the European law on accessibility was passed.

Meanwhile we have to make do with booking the mobility bus which sadly means more planning and even less spontananeity, except they are always very late so all your planning goes haywire.

Well have learned to keep calm and almost can do it now, glad when we moved to a flat with a lift and did not need to book the bus and be carried down the stairs.

Only good thing about being stuck in bed is how much I appreciate what I have and my darling Richie and his love.

It's done me good enjoying what I can enjoy, there is more than I thought.

Keep warm and happy!


Anonymous said...

Hi Herrad: I guess I do not remember you saying you were dx'd in 2006 - I thought you had MS for a long time, like me.

Accessibility is a very big problem here in US too. I am on one of the Disabled Persons Board in my state and it is like pulling teeth to get things done. The word "disabled" is a key word in politics and everyone wants to seem like they are doing something to help, but there is not much to show for it.

Hang in there,

PS.I signed your guestbook on your Not in this House blog.

mortonlake said...

hadnt realised you were in amsterdam.over here in UK we seem bit little village has 2 bus stops for the "coast hopper" bus that runs every hour.both have raised kerbs so wheelchairs can get on and off the bus easily.same all along the route.many shops havent done anything about access for disabled.count your blessings herrad.MS is vile.but you have a wonderful carer.take care,and good luck.mort.ty for kind comments by the way

Herrad said...

Hi Anne,
Think I have had MS for a long time without knowing it.Looking back think could have had it since 1974.
So you see have had it as long as you have but because I did not know I never took any medicine to slow down the progress and in 2006 within 3 months could not walk anymore.

Hi Morton,
Thanks for your comment, you are right Richie is a wonderful carer and looks after me brilliantly.
Keep warm and well.