Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Edmonton, Canada.

Chose for life or not.

Perspective is very important now my options are limited. Do I get on with it and make the best of everything and enjoy what there is to enjoy

Or do I remove myself and don't get on with it and don't make the best of it and therefore don't see what is there to enjoy?

The options are either be positive or chose for negative and therefore not for life.

Despite it being hard living with the quick progression of the MS for me its clear that I had no choice but to chose for being positive; the other option was not good.

When I had to stay in bed realised I could cry and howl against it and get Richie and myself depressed or I could chose to acknowledge all the good things like our love for each other.

I made the choice that is best for us and for me, the correct choice for us, that was to chose for us.

Simple there was no other option that was viable.

Did not want to get sad and take everything down with me and get depressed that is not my choice

It’s the classic half full or half empty glass I chose to see a half full glass and to enjoy the party.

Don’t want to stop participating before I have to, want to enjoy all I can and there is more than I thought.

I owe myself more than sadness because I deserve joy and so does darling Richie and all our friends and family.


Jen said...

I've written about seeking joy because it's sometimes an extreme battle, especially when health is crummy.

Here's what's going on in my neck of the woods: overcast and 30 degrees. I'm brewing the coffee that I absolutely am addicted to. MUST HAVE COFFEE....

It's 8 am here, Herrad. Gonna work on some writing today.

awb said...

I try the glass half full routine too, but I usually see it half full with muddy water! The hardest part for me is when I really need to melt down, but worry it's not a good time for the people around me. That and I'm addicted to having fun!

Stan said...

Dear Living With:

You are truthfully a prime and stellar example of a life bravely lived, choosing to be fulfilled and cherished on your own terms.

I know somehow that you have looked into the eyes of darkness, and choose to see the light instead. This I believe does make all the proper distinction of our human frailty and our journey through life.

Thank you for your inspiration and courage. You are a beacon shining more brightly than the mere vastness of the stars all around you in this brisk winters night sky.

I wish for you solace, comfort, and joy; you already have the heart of gold, the spirit of a lion, and the wisdom of many lifetimes to share with each of us.

You have chosen to walk upon the path less traveled, and it has truly made all the difference.

Thank you for sharing this journey with us.

Yours Truly,

soulful sepulcher said...

Thank you. You are amazing and inspiring.

mortonlake said...

well said herrad.mort x

Unknown said...

I agree with Stephany.....and who enjoys being miserable anyway?
If you can see the glass half full, there's no need to apologize for that.


Amelia said...

Congratulations on a great post. On a day where I am a bit down with everything, it was very uplifting to read your post.
I do appreciate everything I have and I try to live my life in the positive, but there are days when that is a real struggle.
My husband is great at keeping me positive.
Good on you for choosing life!

Amelia XxXxX

Richie said...

OK so Herrad did not want my last comment- a url for very bad taste punk song- so I will try to get this one past the Lord Chancellors office.
Life is all a mixture of good and bad. Some people sit in good health wealth and luxury but do not have an ounce of the joy that bursts out of you.
You are more alive than most and more beautiful than any one else.

tt said...

That Richie is a keeper!!!!
I applaud you for your courage and determination gal!! Bravo to you and Richie!!
I don't have any outward ailments or challenges as you do, but still, I'm surprised and happy when I wake up each morning. Seriously. Silly maybe but it renews my energy to hopefully do some good in this wacked out world.
Like find new friends ;)

~Erin~ said...

Every time I read your blog, you inspire me. Life can be so hard but you keep on living and loving. The power of the love you and richie has comes through in each and every post.

I really don't know what I'm trying to say. For some reason I have tears rolling down my cheeks. You do inspire me, and I'm sorry you got those negative comments on your previous entry. If we could all just will everything away, no one in this world would be sick. There would be no MS, cancer, whatever. But unfortunately it doesn't work that way. If so, you could come visit me!!

Take care Herrad. I hope you and Richie have a wonderful day.

Lisa Emrich said...

Choose Joy!! Acknowledge the Good!!

You are a wise woman, Herrad, and continue to spread such comfort and uplifting words. I absolutely am thrilled to see how your family of online friends has grown.

People are drawn to you and I find that I wish to save every post you write. You have a gift and I am blessed that you share that so opening.

Much love,