Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Good friends and neighbours.

Our good friends and neigfhbours are priceless they give us so much support and love and understanding.

Which is excellent and stops us getting too isolated and sad.

Have to remember to ask people to come by as do sometimes forget and wonder why there are no visitors.

We are all brilliant people but not such good mind readers, so need to communicate that it is nice to have visitors.

Oh well as with everything onwards and upwards.

Here's to good friends.


Jen said...

My one neighbor is 93 years old and she still drives--- very frightening. I wish she'd stop. I like my neighbor who is directly across the street: she's a social worker so she always stops to ask me how my health is and if we're doing okay. Her husband is legally blind and he's a psychologist who catches a cab each morning to head to his office. So I see that I'm in good company here in my neighborhood.

Good morning Herrad-- it's 11:20 am here and lightly snowing....

mortonlake said...

all too easy to forget the social niceties herrad,we get so turned inward by pain,and worry,we forget other people may want to see us.sounds like you have good people around you. take care,keep fighting hun, i hate this bloody disease

Unknown said...

So true about the "invite". Living with MS is confusing enough on the inside much less to those outside.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick