Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It's a new day.......

Woke up as usual except oh joy today I dozed off again after the usual abrupt entrance into being awake.

It was glorius having abit of time dozing before being fully awake, lay here wondering where the low moaning sound was coming from and then realised it was me.

Funny to realise that the sound of someone in pain was coming from me.

Been getting lots of comments recedntly which is really great makes me feel very supported.

Thanks everyone for your caring it is very much appreciated.

Hopw you all have a good day today.


soulful sepulcher said...

Have a good day today, I am up early and now am going back to bed. I understand about hearing something and realizing it was you. When I was grieving a lot for my daughter, I would cry/wail in my sleep. I would wake up and hear that--and it was foreign, like it wasn't me--it was scary.

I wish you didn't have the pain, and I know that's probably something you hear and think, yeah sounds so simple for others to wish that..I live with it.

But I truly do hope that you can have a reprieve soon, and be able to get out a little bit. In the meantime, you have wonderful Richie and the dogs...life has a way of grounding us and causing us to really love and appreciate these things more during trying times.

I'm glad you have each other.

Koda the husky ripped up his new blanket last night, got into the trashcan in the kitchen, and gave us a few laughs as a result of his antics. Somedays, the dogs seem to give us all relief don't they?


Charisa said...

So glad you were able to doze off again. Such a small thing I think most people take for granted - just being able to doze. I hope you have a good day today and if there is pain I hope it is a little less and tolerable!