Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy memories.

Just been reminded by a dear friend of happy times together before the diagnosis of MS.

Happy memories indeed of lovely times sitting around the table in the kitchen at the Passeerdersstraat.

Feasting on delicious food cooked by Richie, fresh bread and homemade jams for breakfast, freshly made pasta and delicious curries as well as great cakes and ice creams.

Still enjoy Richie’s wonderful cooking but due to my manual dexterity getting less eating has become a struggle for me.

Sadly have not been able to sit by the table in the last 6 months since I have been in bed..

And even before that our routines have been changed drastically.

Can't remember the last time we had anyone round for dinner....think 2007 when we were first here.

And even then only a handful of times, the last parties were last year for my birthday and the picnic we had in July last year both very good had great fun both times.

On my birthday we partied until 3 am was excellent drank a lot of proseccio delicious!

Since I have been in bed we have eaten alone except when Gareth and Paul visited and when Martin visited, both those occasions we enjoyed very much.

And I did not feel too self conscious of my clumsy eating and the tea towel tucked into my shirt.

Lots of things that don’t do anymore like don't drink coffee anymore stopped in 2007 when drinking coffee had several negative effects one was having to piss too much also- do not like the taste anymore only the smell.

Eating food is now very strenuous so a chore mostly not a pleasure as I do my best to get food from plate to mouth.

Lots of food difficult and needs cutting up, things like pizza or rotis too hot for me to pick up or fish like plaice too many bones could choke.

Can only use one utensil at a time so can't sit and eat slowly nor can I use both hands at the same time so no eating and occasionally picking up a glass for a sip of wine
Use a plastic cup as it is lighter and do not drink alcohol anymore and since chipping off a couple of teeth in the last years don't want to risk more by eating pistachios/cashews or other nuts shame as they were favourites.

The last time I had a sip of proseccio was at New Year’s when I had a drop in my plastic cup not the same as a champagne glass.

Used to love a rum punch and a bowl of chips and hot tomato pesto and cashew nuts and pistachio nuts and a nice joint or two for both pleasure as well as medicinal purposes.

Getting a wee bit sad as I am writing as I recall past pleasure and note that it was not so long ago.

That’s what makes this so hard is that it has all been so quick and I am not remembering events from distant times but last year and the year before.


Richie said...

Past pleasures- what about the soup I made for lunch? Sheer nectar- and you just wait for the fish pie tonight!

Herrad said...

It was delicious darling
xxxxxxxxxxxx Herrad

Herrad said...

can't wait for fish pie tonight!

Webster said...

Remember - the only time we really have is this very moment. All else is the past - which is gone gone gone, and the future which doesn't exist (yet). Herrad, I think you do a wonderful job of living in the moment and savoring life. And Richie - could you send a care package of your wonderful cooking to the U.S.? Tacoma, WA to be specific?

Hugs to you both.

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness Herrad, I had not realised the loss of ability to eat but I love you sharing with us...Richie, can't wait to savour your wonderful cooking again and yeh, a care package to Canada would be more then welcome..the present moment is all any of us has for certain, and what fortune you have in each other and all the wonderful people who come here! Lots of love xxxx

Herrad said...

Hi Jaya

I can still eat but it is a struggle



mortonlake said...

hes not such a good cook as me have swallowing problems,so i sympathise,like you these have been just this last year or so.after nearly choking on a mars bar im learning to rethink my piggy care both of you,love mort.xx ty for mail

soulful sepulcher said...

What was the soup made from? I hope you have a good Monday.


Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,

It was tomato soup delicious!