Sunday, May 31, 2009

One minute I was sleeping and the next awake, at first I lay happily for some minutes and then all the pain woke up too.

Really horrible could feel the whole range of the nasties plus the sheet or my top had got a tiny fold which was really irritating me in a big way.

Really noticeable how these little creases and folds can drive me pretty mad with the nagging irritation which turning to a big pain if left too long.

I am really happy given all the pain and discomforts that I can manage to sleep at all which I think is amazing.

This is all due to the relaxation the THC gives me.

Glad that I can as would hate to lie awake in pain and worrying about what the next progression is of the MS.

Really relieved this is not happening as would hate to be in that situation, get quite worried at times about what is in store for me.

I am not superstitious so do not put any supernatural meaning on things for example was very aware of words that I could have used instead of amazing such as miraculous.

Do not believe in miracles as I am convinced everything has a rational cause, I might not always understand everything but believe everything is understandable.

Apparently if I had stayed in Trinidad my chances of getting MS would have been drastically reduced.

In fact I might not have got MS at all if we had stayed in Trinidad as it seems there is less MS near the Equator.

Of course we would never have moved if I had a say in the matter or if the rest of the family had been able to have their say.

In so many ways it is a shame we did not stay also for my parents perhaps they would have been happier if they had stayed.

Moving to England certainly did not make them happy at all, far from it and refusing to talk about what was bothering them caused considerable strain for all of us.

Guess that is why communication is so important for me, must be like that for other people too, we need to communicate with each other.

By communicating our stories to each other we are creating links between us, bonds that help us to understand each other.

We need to understand each other so that we can live together.

Telling our stories are important, telling my story and what my life is like with MS is important and a daily part of my life.

Blogging has become a very important part of my daily life, blogging gives me more of a life than I had and gives me the opportunity to reach other blogger around the world.

It is a great tool for communicating and we need that very much so that we can support each other by communicating our stories, our mutual stories.

Those stories are important they keep us alive in each others realities.

In my reality the sun is shining and it is a wonderful day which I have been enjoying very much.


Cranky said...

Herrad - when I started blogging, it was intentionally to work on my crankiness. A wonderful side effect, which now is perhaps even more important, is making connections with others like yourself.

Have a great Sunday (at least, what's left for you in your timezone :-) ).

Stephany said...

I'm enjoying reading your last few posts Herrad, where you are taking your life story here into a deeper level, understanding all that you have been through to this point, inspires others to look within also.

And--I would have loved to have been at dinner last night, crab curry sounds simply heavenly!

Have a nice evening, it's very hot here again going to be in the 80 degrees.



Stuff could always be worse said...

I feel the same about blogging, I didn't mean to start blogging, since I am not a writer. I do feel there is a world of friends, with the internet. I do try to keep a life going outside of MS and the internet. I enjoy reading your posts. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Nice photos Herrad! Too cold here to jump into the pool though. We had a hail storm too. I'm having quite a lazy day! I'm glad the THC helps and that you are "allowed" to use it. Enjoy your sunny day (which is probably now evening in your parts!)

mcw said...

I'm so glad that you do write about what your life is like with ms. You have an amazing attitude that comes through in your blogging

Kelli said...

What an insightful post. Communication is so important. Have a nice evening.

Herrad said...

Hi Cranky,

I also started blogging so I had somewhere to write about what was happeneing to me after the diagnosis.

Had no idea I would be able to connect with so many people like you and Steve and BR and Morton and Rain and Stephany to name just a few.

Glad I did start to blog am so very happy that I have been able to meet you all.

Hi Stephany,

I have been musing alot about my life and all the things that have happened and trying to make sense of it all.

Funnily enough lots makes more sense than I thought it would, things are often less complicated trhen we often think they are.

Shame you could not come by for dinner would have been charming if you could have.

Hi Kim,

Glad you started blogging, enjoy reading your blog very much.

Important to have a life apart from the internet, I try and organise friends to come round alot during the week for visits in the afternoons.

Hi Rain,

Sorry to hear it gone cold where you are and hail!!
Blimey thats abit much for this time of year, mind you it did hail (5 cms) here briefly last week monday when there were sorms all night and there was quite lot of storm damage.


Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment really appreciate that very much.

Hi Kelli,

Thanks for coming by, you are right communication is very important.