Sunday, July 01, 2012

Interaction With Friends.

Anthonio Carneiro

Luckily for me today is another changeable day with loads of clouds and a cool breeze, amazingly it's already the 1st of July.

Quite unbelievable given the cool weather we've been having since May, it really is either April weather or autumn, not summer which it’s supposed to be.

Still feel quite mean hoping for cool days, hot and humid weather like on Wednesday is quite catastrophic for me.

On Wednesday I couldn't do anything apart from look at my blog as my index finger could not function in the heat and I felt terrible.

All I could do was to open posts and save as drafts so that I could write up my notes the following day.

On Thursday there was breeze which helped me to function better than the day before, it was quite a relief for me and I'm sure for many others too with Multiple Sclerosis.

I really hate looking forward to it being cool and overcast, that really is not me I'm somebody that loves sunshine and still do as long as the temperature does not get any higher than 24° with breeze.

Our good friend Anja visited us on Friday, which was lovely it really is nice to have friends around; sadly her visit was short.

Visits with her are always too short and no wonder as it always such a pleasure to see a good friend like Anja.

We discussed the council and we agreed that if I had not heard anything on Wednesday, I would let her know and she will phone the council to enquire.

On Friday Anja’s partner Erik and their son Bosse came by to pick her up, it was really nice to see both of them again.

It is noticeable how few people we see on a regular basis, but that's how it has been for quite some time, especially since I became less mobile.

It was not so obvious when we were both still could go out to work and after work we could stroll around and enjoy this beautiful city and see friends.

Then I became handicapped and had to stop work, ever since then our world has become smaller, which we try our best to ameliorate as much as possible.

These days any interaction with friends is so good for us, it really is enjoyable spending time with other people and engaging with different ideas.

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