Friday, November 02, 2012

A Pleasant Friday.

Roberto Matta.
Its Friday, 2 November today a cold day which is what I guess it should be like, hard to believe that Monday last week it was so warm then it was 24°.

Today it must be considerably less now maybe 12°, I will check with Richie when he returns from taking the dogs to the Amsterdam Woods.

Both Richie and I decided to relax and take things easy this afternoon which was pleasant, we laughed a lot while doing my exercises.

Before Richie took me into the shower I telephoned with a good friend Cecile to ask her to come and join us for dinner on Wednesday next week.

She said yes which made me very happy , it will be good , we are both looking forward to seeing her, it will be nice to talk with Cecile and hear her news.

Yesterday Richie cooked another delicious meal; it consisted of potato curry, dal, cauliflower curry, pea and potato pakora, basmati rice, fried plantain,

Luckily he made so much that we can eat it again tonight which I'm looking forward to very much in fact I can hardly wait to taste those dishes again.

I am looking forward to Richie's return with the dogs which means that dinner will follow quite soon after that which is a nice prospect.

The other one is that 24.30 there is an extended musical treat its Later Jools Holland on BBC2, I'm looking forward to it, all in all a very pleasant Friday.


Travelogue for the Universe said...

Virtual visit from across the pond...I feel like our visits are real and meaningful, yet transparent have introduced me to many others..electronically ;)Have a great weekend! Love, mary <3

Herrad said...

Hello Mary,
thank you for virtual visit, I agree with you I too feel that our visits are real and meaningful.just sometimes I wish I could really come to see you. Have a great week.
love, Herrad
PS the blog world is full of lovely people some of whom we have had the pleasure of meeting. I'm so glad we have become friends.