Friday, November 09, 2012

Almost To Impatient To Wait.

Roberto Matta

It's been a relaxing day which we both needed after going to the hospital on Tuesday plus getting my flu injection the same afternoon.

Also after the early start for four days this week and especially the very early one yesterday morning in order to be totally ready for my 1030 appointment.

I'm very pleased that I've had the flu injection, as I never once have the horrible experience that I had in January 2011.

Where a cold soon turned to pneumonia which was a horrible thing to endure, especially being so handicapped it was a nightmare.

Not been able to adequately cough so getting a cold is very unpleasant for me as I become totally full of phlegm and I can’t get rid of it by coughing.

Last year I was persuaded to have an anti-flu injection and I did not have any problems with colds or influenza the entire winter period.

Hopefully this year will be the same and I won't have too suffer any attacks of the common cold or getting influenza.

Because of my positive experience I would recommend this approach to everyone especially to people who are vulnerable.

Richie is in the Rembrandt Park three dogs right now when he returns is planning on making fish and chips and a nice salad.

After dinner I am looking forward to the longer edition of later with Jools Holland on BBC2, as usual I am impatient and can’t  hardly wait.

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