Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Huge Contrast To Yesterday.

Roberto Matta

Last night after I did my exercises on the Motomed Richie returned me back to bed, where I expected to be able to sit well.

It was shocking to discover that not only was I not sitting well but I was also feeling really dreadful.

I felt at my most handicapped and disabled than I've ever felt before, it was shocking to have this experience yesterday evening.

I had not expected this to happen as I had been to the toilet before I did my arm and leg exercises and had a huge bowel movement.

Sitting better was what I expected would happen as a consequence of going very successfully to the toilet.

Over the last few years we are both noticed that there's a huge correlation between needing to have a bowel movement and sitting badly.

Any time that I am consistently flopping all over the bed Richie knows now that it is time to get me to the bathroom which usually solves the problem.

I have not had any such problems today which is really lovely, it has meant that that for the first time in a couple of months I've been able to answer outstanding e-mails.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to start responding as I always have done to comments left on my blog which I always like to do as its nice to be in conversation with my blog friends.

Then I quickly edited the Dutch translation of my blog, it went very well and I was able to translate the title as well as labels.

As a consequence of all this I now feel very efficient, this is making me very happy as I love to be on top of things.

I'm enjoying feeling so much better than I did yesterday; in fact the contrast with yesterday is quite noticeable, tomorrow maybe different again.

Whatever happens I am enjoying today, that is really all that matters to me is enjoying what I have right here and now.

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