Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Time Flies By.

Roberto Matta.

This morning's  it was quite overcast, with an occasional glimpse of pale blue sky in between the clouds.

That was at 10.00 this morning, at 1100 I was being showered by Richie, the plan was to be ready for 1200 when Milou, the wound nurse would be here.

At 1200 I had been showered and was half dressed, just my top half, so that all the nurse and to do was check how the wound was progressing on my bottom.

Milou said that she was pleased to see that it was much smaller than it was previously, this is good news indeed, if only the last 2 mm would heal quickly.

We have a new appointment for the 28th of November; it would be absolutely brilliant if more progress has been made by then, my fingers are crossed.

What a lovely surprise when I was brought back into the bedroom by Richie, to see that the clouds had gone and were replaced by blue sky and sunshine.

Before Richie put me back into bed, I was sprayed with Yves St Laurent perfume which is a lovely light fragrance, just the thing for a sunny day like today.

Now that it's 1700 the blue sky is slowly fading away as dusk draws in, the time is flying by as usual and it soon will be Christmas once again.

Right now I'm going to concentrate on today and enjoy every moment of it together with Richie and our three happy Jack Russell terriers.


Travelogue for the Universe said...

Great to hear of steady progress.Best wishes! Love, mary

Toinlicious said...

You make me smile