Thursday, November 29, 2012

Amazing difference in a day.

Roberto Matta.

Hopefully this time I will be able to dictate without any problems with the Dragon voice recognition software now that I've done a restart of my laptop.

It is Thursday today, when I was still working it was my favourite day because it was followed by Friday which meant glorious weekend free from work.

even though I am not working Thursday is still a favourite day of mine, and I still like the prospect of the weekend approaching, anticipation of a pleasant event is good fun.

Yesterday when I was put back into bed, Richie placed one of the torso supports on my leg just under the knee to lift the area of the pressure sore off of the mattress.

That evening when I was in the bathroom, sitting in the shower chair Richie had a look under the dressing to check whether anything had changed.

He was very pleased and reported that the area was much drier than it had been previously; amazingly the new procedure was having an effect already.

When I went back to bed Richie placed the support back under my knee where it stayed for the rest of the evening and during the night.

When Richie took me to the bathroom to put me under the shower, he removed the dressing and noticed that it was much drier.

How amazing that taking the pressure off the area has made such a difference in such a short time, it makes me feel optimistic.


Webster said...

That is good news. Richie does know how to troubleshoot the problems that come your way. I hope you will be sitting in your wheelchair by the Winter Solstice.

Che koala said...

thinking of you spunky two :))