Thursday, November 08, 2012

Remembering Stories.

Roberto Matta.

The day started early this morning as I had to be ready for 10.30
Because of an appointment concerning my shower chair.

The cushion that was made especially in 2010 to give me a better sitting position needed to be adapted because I need more support.

The appointment is with Annelies, my mobility advisor from the council, as well as two people from Beenhakker and a physiotherapy who is doing work experience in the rehabilitation clinic.

Richie had me showered, dressed and perfumed with Versace´s Woman, wearing earrings, necklace as well as to my favourite rings.

One is a purple Amethyst, the other is a blue Topaz, and both were presents from my Darling Richie, the Amethyst I got Christmas 2004.

The blue Topaz was given me by Richie when I lost two silver rings down the toilet, at work, they must have fallen in when I pulled my trousers up again.

When I rang home to tell Richie about it I was very upset as both rings had been given to me by close friends and where irreplaceable.

That evening as soon as I got in Richie had a present for me; I could hardly believe it when I opened the jewellery box and saw a beautiful blue Topaz ring.

It is a gorgeous ring and more than made up for the two lost silver rings, the next day showed my new ring to Hennie, the receptionist where I worked.

All day many colleagues came to the service desk and all they wanted was to see the ring, they had all been told by Hennie the receptionist.

A few months later it was my birthday and Richie got me a blue Topaz pendant as well as gorgeous blue Topaz earrings to match.

All my female colleagues thought that Richie was a wonderful man; some of my male colleagues were worried that their partners would hear about this.

Their concern was that their partners would expect the same sort of presents from them, they joked that Richie was letting their side down by showering with presents.

Every time I wear these rings I remember the stories which bring a smile to my face, just like it did again today, after the successful appointment I was smiling even more.

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