Thursday, November 01, 2012

Learning From Hindsight.

It was amazing to realise yesterday that we had not been inviting anybody to come and eat with us since I had to stay in bed on the 21st of August 2008.

Startling to make this discovery, which there is no doubt has contributed quite a bit to our feelings of being semi-detached from our friends here.

I'm so glad that when we spoke about it yesterday, we immediately decided that we needed to make a change and start to invite people more often.

Shame it happened, however there is no point in looking back and reproaching ourselves much better to look forward to doing something to change the situation.

Much better to look forward to being more proactive about seeing our friends and making sure we invite them often to eat with us.

Before I had to stay in bed with the huge pressure sore in August 2008, we were still enjoying friends regularly coming around for dinner.

When I was in bed for the first period, which was from August 21, 2008 until the end of October 2009 I was too depressed and couldn't cope with much.

The idea of people sitting around me in bed eating was one that made me feel ill at ease and self-conscious so I did not encourage dinner dates with friends.

With hindsight I realise now that it would have been better for both Richie and me, to have had more friends coming by, especially during that difficult first year.

Using this knowledge to make life better for both of us is more effective than endless reproaching; much better get on with life as it is right now.


Webster said...

I seem to remember that you and Richie threw at least one party where you had quite a group over for food, drink, and laughs. But you are right - it's good to take the initiative and invite our friends over. Our situation may make it difficult for them to invite us out, or themselves in.

Have Myelin? said...

You aren't the only one that hasn't invited others over.... so shame on me too.

Glad you're making that change! How fun!