Monday, November 19, 2012

Being Philosophical.


]Roberto Matta.

Roberto Matta.

It has been extremely frustrating to use Dragon voice recognition this afternoon as well as this evening, until now 19.35 I could not dictate my text.

What amazed me is the fact that I kept calm and cool however there was nothing I could do except wait for the Dragon voice recognition to work.

Which it has, finally it’s started to type in the words I am dictating, what relief as I was beginning to think that wouldn't be able to write anything today.

I was trying to be philosophical about it although that was incredibly difficult for me to do especially as I never like to miss writing my blog even for one day.

My other frustrations just now were with the fact that I could not pay for something using PayPal as they also seemed to have a problem.

I decided to stop trying to pay now and to return to it later on this evening and if that doesn't work then I will try to pay tomorrow.

The other thing that was not working for me was trying to ring a good friend, Gareth.

To let him know that we are thinking about him, his mother and his brother and sister now that his beloved father has died.

Over the weekend I had somehow added an extra digit to his telephone number which was the reason I could not get through on Saturday and Sunday.

Gareth has just phoned me, however I had to phone him back as he could not hear me, it was good to talk to him especially because of his dad.

Hopefully the last thing that was frustratingly will finally work with me in a minute and I can pay via PayPal for the item I have ordered.

I'm so glad that I have not let these annoying and frustrating things get to me much better to remain calm and wait for everything to improve.

Which it did do, then I received the phone call from Gareth, it was good to talk to him and let him know that Richie and I are thinking about them.

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