Saturday, November 17, 2012

Enjoyable Friday Show.

Roberto Matta.

Late last night we watched our favourite music show, the extended version of Later with Jools Holland on BBC2.

The performers were the following: Foals, Ellie Goulding, Band of Horses, Larry Graham and Graham Central Station, Luisa Sobral, Rodriguez.

Ellie Goulding was the first act, while I'm sure that she has many fans it just was not my thing, it was a performance which would be popular at festivals.

Singers like Ellie, who all the way through their performance look up at the ceiling instead of engaging with their audience are really not my favourite; I don't like a semi-detached performance.

Foals were another act that did not hit the mark where I was concerned, they were a band who seemed to play well but lacked real talent, they were playing rock 'n' roll by numbers.

One other performer was not the sort of act that I like, Luisa Sobral, I am sure she just like the other performers that I wasn't keen on will be liked by others.

There were three performances I really did like, they were Larry Graham and Graham Central Station, Larry Graham is a wonderful performer.

He was a major part of that well-known band called Sly and the Family Stone; they had a huge hit with Dance to the Music which I have danced to many times with great pleasure.

It was really wonderful to see and hear a star like Larry Graham and his truly wonderful band Graham Central Station they were a tremendous act which we enjoyed as did the entire studio audience.

The other two acts that I thought were very good were band of horses who were an excellent rock 'n' roll band who I would love to listen to for much longer.

The other act that I enjoyed very much was Rodriguez who was an outstanding guitarist, singer and songwriter who was enjoyable to listen to.

Larry Graham and Graham Central Station closed the show with a wonderful rendition of dance to the music which got the whole audience up on their feet and dancing.

A really brilliant performance and a good way to end this weeks Later Jools Holland, I am already looking forward to the new show next week Tuesday, first I will enjoy the weekend.

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