Monday, November 26, 2012

A Wonderful Surprise.

Roberto Matta.

Amazingly after the gloomy wet and windy weekend the weather today looks quite pleasant when viewed from my warm bedroom.

Especially after a delightful brunch of kipper and scrambled egg accompanied by two delicious oatcakes, it was a wonderful meal.

Happily I still have one packet of kippers waiting for me in the deep freeze, so whenever I fancy eating the last packet I will have another delicious meal.

The tasty kippers were brought here in September when Richie's sister Aud visited us for a wonderful visit, which went by much too quickly.

That is always the way when things are enjoyable, I'm sure that we will have the pleasure of her company again next year.

Something that can’t come soon enough as far as I'm concerned as it is lovely having Aud staying here with us, it is a shame we can't see more of each other.

Over the weekend a good friend of Richie’s, who also became a friend of mine, telephoned to say that he would be coming to visit us two weeks time.

So roundabout the 10th of December John will be visiting us from Glasgow, Scotland for a whole week, which will be wonderful I am sure.

We have not seen each other for 12 years so it will be quite reunion especially between Richie and John, how wonderfully typical of John to surprise us like this.

I was practically speechless on the phone on Saturday when he rang, now we have to wait to hear exactly when he will be here, how very exciting.

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KParthasarathi said...

Good that you had company of Ms. Aud and that you will soon have Mr John by mid December.I browsed google to know about kippers.
Have nice time,Herrad

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