Monday, November 12, 2012

A Sunny Monday Morning.

 Roberto Matta.

This morning when we woke up and Richie opened the curtains we saw blue sky, beautiful sunshine which was a lovely way to start the new week.

Sadly by the time it was 1400 and Matilda, my physiotherapist arrived are appointment the sunshine, blue sky was gone replaced by a thick cloud cover.

Before the appointment was finished, our friend Anne had arrived to visit me; she very kindly had obtained information about holidays for the handicapped.

She had received a brochure from the Red Cross about holidays for the handicapped, in a choice of four hotels as well as a boat holiday.

It was very kind of Anne to look for this information however when she was describing the holidays on offer I realised that were not me.

I'm sure that for people who like organised holidays would probably enjoy what was on offer, but I know I would not enjoy one of these.

Never have I wanted to stay in a hotel for a holiday, for me it would not be a luxury to do so, quite the contrary I think.

The idea of a fully catered holiday does not fill me with joy; it makes me apprehensive as I'm sure I would not like the food that would be served.

sadly most times that I've eaten at restaurants here in Amsterdam have been pretty disappointing, over time I learned to take my pepper sauce with me.

So hearing about fully catered holidays in hotels organised by the Red Cross filled me with absolute dread.

The next time I see Anne I will thank her again and I will tell her that the Red Cross holidays are not for me.

On Thursday when Matilda is here for our physiotherapy appointment I will ask her if on the other people she visits might like the brochure.

Recycling is a good thing to do; now I'm going to look for a painting by Roberto Matta and post this, after which I'm going to enjoy the evening with Richie.

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