Saturday, November 10, 2012

Pleasant Evening Plus Later With Jools Holland.

Roberto Matta.

The fish and chips Richie made yesterday along with a lovely salad was delicious, the fish was seasoned with Jamaican fish seasoning.

It is a wonderful spice mix which we received in a parcel on Tuesday from our very dear friend Nur, who I met in 2000 when I was working for an Internet provider.

We became good friends almost as soon as we had met each other; he is a wonderfully irrepressible man, whom it is always a pleasure to see.

The parcel also held a tin of Jamaican ackes, Jamaican jerk seasoning as well as a tin of pressed cod roe, excellent for making taramasalata one of my favourites.

The pleasant evening was made even better when it was time for the extended Later with Jools Holland on BBC2.

It was a good show, the line up of performers was the following for Lashes fronted by Natasha Khan, good singer but not the music that I like, too affected for me.

Bhi Bhiman is an excellent guitarist with a lovely voice and good lyrics he is somebody I could listen a lot to.

Then there were the Staves, three sisters who sing in such beautiful harmony it was a pure joy to see and hear them perform, I loved their performance.

Trey Songz was the next act, again this is not really my sort of music, this did not stop me from appreciating Treys good voice and performance.

Patricia Kaas a well-known French singer performed standing next to Jools Holland while he accompanied her on the piano.

Patricia was singing an Edith Piaf song which is a well-known one, she is a beautiful singer and performer who I enjoyed being on the show.

Two Doors Cinema Club, are a good band who I enjoyed seeing on Tuesday and again last night, they are a new up-and-coming young band.

The band that really made a big impression on me was Soundgarden, on Tuesday they had been a revelation.

As I had remembered them as not being as dynamic as they were this week, they were the band that really stood out for me, I intend to buy their new CD.


Gareth said...

Hi folks just popped by and caught up on your week. great to read all went well at the hospital and you enjoyed the ride, made me think of cycling through the city. I allways loved doing this even on a wet days, as long I had my waterproofs:)Been a lovley sunny day here hope it has there. Wishing you all a pleasent week BIG LOVE GXXX

Rhapsody Phoenix said...

Foods sound delicious, wonderful to read you had a great evening.

kuddos to your friend, good friends are hard to find.

stay blessed,
my regards to Richie.