Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Creative thinking for a solution.

Roberto Matta.

Last night I had a very unsettled night and kept waking up many times during the night worrying about the appointment with Milou, the wound nurse today.

Milou was here precisely at 1200 just as we had arranged, she said that the wound looked good but that the surrounding area was damp.

We have no idea what the cause is, Milou could only tell us that she could see that it started to happen mid-September, without the reason being apparent.

Richie has come up with a variety of ideas which he is going to try out and see if any of them provide a solution to the problem of the dampness around the wound.

One of the ideas is to use the extra supports that we have for my torso and place one during the day below my right knee in order to lift my right buttock from the bed.

The idea is to do this during the night so as to alleviate the pressure on the area where the pressure wound is located.

Richie is hoping to be able to come up with a resolution to this problem without having to turn me on to my side during the night, which causes painful shoulders and arms which trigger off spasms.

We are hoping that by trying different ideas we will be able to come up with a solution to the problem of the dampness around the wound.

Once the solution has been found hopefully the wound will be able finally to heal up so that once again I might be able to sit in my wheelchair.


Travelogue for the Universe said...

Hope hope hoping! Love, mary

Webster said...

My question is, if she thought it began back in September, why didn't she say anything about it then? You are so incredibly patient with your caregivers, Herrad.