Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Enjoying Being Outside.

Roberto Matta.

It was the day, today for my supra pubis catheter to be changed at the OLVG Hospital, hopefully it will be is quick and easy as it was last time.

The care ambulance came for us at 11.30, what made it nice was the fact that the weather was extremely pleasant, despite being cold there were blue skies and sunshine which was nice to be out in.

The ambulance was smaller than the last couple of times which made it easier for me to see the city as we drove across town to get to the hospital; I enjoyed the ride a lot, good to see this beautiful city.

The down side of this small ambulance was that I felt every small bump on the road which made me feel quite unpleasantly carsick; luckily we were quickly at the hospital, where the fresh air revived me.

we arrived slightly too early at the urology polyclinic, so we had to wait for 20 minutes until the Dr was ready to see us, when he was available the catheter change happened smoothly without problems.

It took precisely 5 minutes for the Dr to change the catheter; he said that as it had gone well for the second time that Richie could do the catheter change at home again from now on.

That is good news indeed, the ambulance crew soon had us outside and into the ambulance once again, Richie sat in the back with me which was nice.

After another pleasant ride through the city we were home at 1245, I thoroughly enjoyed being driven through this beautiful city we live in.

It was enjoyable to be outside despite the cold I found it wonderful to be
Outside again, I shall never take this for granted again, it is something to be treasured.

Every moment outside is precious to me, I'm going to grab all those moments I can grab with both hands, seizing the moment is very important to do.

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Karen said...

I'm glad things went well Herrad and you enjoyed the ride.