Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Different Complexion

Roberto Matta.

It's only 18.15 right now, yet it feels like it was already 02.15 and before Richie closed the curtains it looked like it too.

This afternoon at 14.15 I had an appointment with Peter, the engineer from the rehabilitation clinic, to try the new wrist supports with a hook on each which he made for me.

This allows me to keep using the arm exerciser on the Motomed, which is very good as it stretches my arm muscles, which is essential for my well-being.

Peter is a very good engineer, so I am looking forward to trying out the new wrist supports in a while when I do my exercises when Richie gets me out of bed.

Right now Richie is about to take the dogs for a run around the Rembrandt Park where I'm sure they will have fun chasing rabbits back to their burrows.

Just now I realised that as its Tuesday there will be another edition of Later with Jools Holland on BBC2 at 2300 tonight.

That is very exciting and it has put a totally different complexion on the day knowing that I will be listening to some good news before too long.

Only three hours to wait, that is not long but to me being very impatient it seems like forever.

My father used to tell me a little rhyme which went something like this, patience is a virtue, virtue is a grace and Grace is a little girl who did not wash her face.

In Germany they have a saying which goes something like this, patience is a virtue and that is a nice virtue but that we are better off without it.

I like both of these sayings although the one my dad told me used to worry me slightly as a little kid until I understood then it made me laugh a lot.

It still makes me laugh a lot after all these years as do many other colourful stories that my father told me, he was a great storyteller who I miss hearing his stories.

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