Saturday, November 03, 2012

Delicious Curry and Later with Jools Holland.

Roberto Matta.

The food Richie made for our dinner yesterday evening was even better than it had been the night before as the flavours had really developed overnight.

Richie warmed up Thursday's curry; he fried more spicy vegetarian sausage mix balls which were served in a hot tomato sauce.

He also tried some more plantain and made parsnip chips to go with the meal, it was quite a feast which we both enjoyed eating.

Later on after the meal we watched the extended Later with Jools Holland on BBC2.

On Tuesday I thought that The Killers were a very good band, last night I revised my opinion and thought that they were not very exciting at all.

The name gave me an expectation that I would hear some sexy rock 'n' roll instead it was rather tame; they shouldn't be called The Killers because they are not.

They sounded like a very watered-down version of Bruce Springsteen, I'm sure that huge crowds at stadiums won't mind as long as they can sing along to them.

Another act that failed to impress when I heard more of Kristina Train, she has a nice voice but it was not my sort of thing, again it was rather tame.

One of the acts that failed to impress on Tuesday and did not do anything to change my mind last night was a band called Polica.

The band consists of two drummers and one bass player along with a ridiculous gyrating singer and electronic background music.

They were much too pretentious and art school music for my liking, they had no substance nor had they good lyrics or a good performance.

I did like hearing more from the talented Valerie June, she has a wonderful voice plays the guitar very well and her lyrics are good.

The other act that I enjoyed again last night, was Cody Chestnutt who is the front man for a great band, they have alot of talent and energy.

When I first heard them I thought they were very good, not quite the music I usually go for, hearing on them again last night I am totally won over.

I think I'm going to try to find a CD so that I can listen to more Cody Chestnutt and his wonderful band.

The other performer was the absolutely wonderful Jackie De Shannon whom it was a great privilege and pleasure to hear sing.

Her songs are very well-known but they've been mainly sung by many well-known performaners over the years.

It was all in all an enjoyable Friday for both of us and even for the dogs who were wonderfully relaxed after running in the Amsterdam Woods.


gareth said...

Hi folks just a BIG HELLO from the both of Us. The curry sounded delicious. We have been enjoying some hearty winter stew. Visited me Dad this evening bless him. held his hand and told I loved him.
Shame we are not closer as would love to come to dinner:)

Herrad said...

Hello Gareth,
a big hello back to you and your darling Paul. I agree it is a shame we don't live closer together so we can visit you lots. curry dinner was delicious shame we could not share it with you.
when you see your again and hold his hand will you please tell him that Richie and Herrad are sending him love and best wishes.
Take care Darling, all the best love Herrad