Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tomorrow Is Another Day.

 Roberto Matta.
The weekend is flying by as it always does; it is nearly 20.00 on Sunday already which given that time is flying by feels like it is going at double speed this time.

Last night we were up late to watch Match of the Day on BBC with all the football games from the Premier league.

Following that was the Football League Show which shows all the football games from the Championship as well as League One games.

Afterwards we got talking and totally forgot track of the time so we stayed up much longer than we would ever have intended to do so.

Consequently we slept until quite late today as we were both very tired, it was a shame as both of us had planned things we wanted to do today.

Never mind tomorrow is another day so I'm not going to reproach myself about today, what would the point be in that.

would be no point and the only thing it would achieve would be to make me feel miserable and Richie too.

Instead of wasting my time beating myself up I'm going to look for some artwork after which I will publish this on my blog.

Then I'm going to relax and enjoy the evening, tomorrow I will get on and do the things I'd planned to do today, right now I'm enjoying the evening.

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