Friday, November 16, 2012

A Pleasant Friday.

Roberto Matta. 

It's been a very pleasant day to day which was made even nicer because my best friend Anja came to visit this afternoon.

She recently visited her daughter who is living and working in Barcelona for a three-day visit which she enjoyed enormously.

Nice to hear her account of her trip, it gave me a snapshot of what it was like to visit such a vibrant city as Barcelona is.

I had the pleasure of being there for a weekend in 1967, my parents and I were staying in Calafel on the Costa Dorada, where we met a nice Spanish family.

Who invited me to accompany them and their teenage kids for a quick visit to their house in Barcelona, it was an unforgettable experience for me at age 17.

All too quickly it was 1700 and my lovely friend Anja had to leave, she is going to see well-known Dutch people try their hand at conducting an orchestra.

Anja brought us a couple of vacuum packed Spanish cheeses as well as a spicy, garlicky chorizo which I've already tried and it's delicious.

Richie is planning on making jacket potatoes and stew tonight, in my portion he is going to put some diced chorizo which I am sure will taste good.

My intention is to relax and enjoy the evening with Richie; I'm looking forward to what sounds like a delicious dinner.

At midnight there is the extended version of Later with Jools Holland on BBC2 to make the day even better, lovely to have such a nice perspective.

First I shall find another great piece of art by Roberto Matta after which I am going to publish it on my blog and spend the evening relaxing.

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