Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fun with Dragon

Antonio Pedro
I am really enjoying using the Dragon voice recognition software; it really is so much easier for me now, then wrestling with the keyboard.

Not sure what happened, but I managed to open the spell check, and did a check of my first sentence, at the end it said spell check finished, and I said okay and it shut spellchecker.

Really hope I manage to find out very soon, what the commands are so that I can happily navigate between applications.

Once I know the commands, it'll be even more fun using Dragon, I hadn't expected it to be so easy to dictate, I thought it would be inhibiting.

On the contrary it’s much easier; it lets my thoughts flow very easily which is good.

Mind you it has not all been plain sailing, as well as the couple of hours because the laptop crashed and I couldn't get started ages.

After trying for about an hour to get you started, finally called Richie, I did not want to disturb him before, because I knew he was cooking.

Richie brought the external hard disk and tried to start the laptop from that, it took half an hour before he got the option to start from the hard disk.

This was very worrying I really thought that was it and I was never going to get into the laptop again.

I'm so happy that Richie got it working again, it's now six o'clock but I don't care, and post is written 263 words written in 20 minutes not bad for a Dragon novice


Travelogue for the Universe said...

You sound Mah-vellous! Talk up a storm! I visualize you taming the dragon! Love, Mary

Gareth said...

Wow thats wonderful news about the software also to read that it seems to be easyish to use. BIG LOVE TO ALL GXXX

Herrad said...

hi Gareth,
it really is brilliant using the Dragon software, it's so much easier than the previous version.
I'm having such a lot of fun using it.