Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Beautiful Dream

Jean Arp 

I slept very well last night, in fact we both slept so well, that we didn't wake up until gone 13.00 this afternoon.

It was quite a surprise to find most of the day already gone, and the afternoon went by very quickly too, especially because Richie had to shower me.

Still very upset about reading the article in the Guardian recently about the King of Spain going on an elephant shooting safari in Botswana.

What a moronic idiot he seems to be, but not surprising just another example of the arrogance, as well as stupidity of these inbred elites, such as the long established royal families.

Not only has the King shown a remarkable lack of judgement, but has also revealed himself to be an astonishing hypocrite.

Just before it was revealed that he'd broken his hip, while on safari, he had let it be known that he couldn't sleep at night because he was so worried about what was to become of the youth of Spain because of the economic crisis.

Yet days later it was revealed that he was on a £10,000 day safari, which was paid for by the Syrian businessman, there have subsequently been revelations of corruption and sexual intrigues to make him even less popular with the Spanish people.

Maybe the population is so angry with the monarchy that they will try to get rid of them, and revert to being a Republican country.

There was some very good news today, in the Dutch papers that the coalition government of VVD and CDA with the PVV had collapsed.          .

Which is brilliant news as the coalition was only kept in business because it was shored up by the PVV and a couple of other far right parties.

The coalition partners could not come to an agreement as to the cuts and the policies they would adopt.

We shall hear any day that there'll be new elections soon, when once again ‘the musical chairs’ will begin and whoever is sitting when the music stops will be the newly elected government.

Isn't democracy wonderful every four or five years the illusion gets played out for us all to get caught up thinking that our votes will really matter this time.

Personally I might believe that they did matter if there really was visible proof that the rich would share their wealth by paying all their taxes and the world’s vast natural resources will be shared equally among the populations of the world.

It is very important to me, that while I started my blog, to write about how my diagnosis of multiple sclerosis has affected my life, I also write about other things.

I've always been someone who is very interested in a wide range of issues, and in world affairs, having MS does not mean that suddenly my whole focus is going to be about this horrible disease and nothing else.

I refuse to be identified by only one aspect of my life, just as I've always refused to be identified by purely the work I did, I just like everybody else, have many facets to my personality.

If only we could get rid of this capitalist system, which has no need for any of us to be anything other than workers, who make the wealth of the rich to live at the expense of those that actually do the work.

Then we would not just be identified by the work we do, we could also be identified by our many skills and talents, and allow us to become fully rounded human beings in touch with our communities and the world we live in.

Right now it's a beautiful dream which I hope will happen one day, so that this wonderful world can finally really be a paradise for all of us to enjoy freely.


awb said...

Things will be so much better when I take over the world! Good to see you, hope to be around more,


Herrad said...

hi Andy,
i agree!
good to see you too.

Webster said...

i really like to read how articulate you are in expressing your views. Yay for Dragon Speaking. I'm SO happy that it is working well for you.

Herrad said...

hi webster,
thanks to your lovely comment, it is really good fun to use the Dragon.
Finally I don't have to drag my hand around the keyboard, in the hope my index finger will be able to press the key.
Now I can write as much as I want to without any problems.
Thanks for coming by.