Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Monday, 9 March, 2012. A Relaxed Easter Weekend

Peter  Purves Smith

This weekend has been pleasantly relaxing, it’s been a traditional Easter weekend.

Cold, wet, grey, lots of dark clouds and no sunshine, not this weekend, but perhaps tomorrow to cheer up people going to work.

Today I had been having problems with sitting this afternoon, this always happens when I need a huge bowel movement.

Finally managed one this evening, after Richie got back, with the dogs from a walk in the Amsterdam woods.

This afternoon Richie went to the letterbox, he brought up the post, nice post for a change.

 A lovely present from Aud, Richie’s sister; a gorgeous red glass necklace and earrings.

this beautiful surprise made my day, I wore them right away, they are pretty and they gave me a much needed boost.


pb said...

What a lovely Easter surprise!

I know what you mean about sitting and the need for a b.m. It's one of the reasons I can no longer work. The incontinence and the lack of stamina.

Hope this spring lifts your spirits, girl.


pb said...

I know what you mean about the b.m. and sitting. It was a problem when I worked.

Pretty jewelry makes a lovely Easter surprise.

I hope the Spring time will lift your spirits more.