Monday, April 23, 2012

A Weekend of Excitement and Tension.

Toni del Renzio 

It's been a pleasant weekend, with lots of excitement and tension surrounding the final games of the football season 2011-2012.

There have been some sad results already, Wolves football club have already been relegated, after they lost to Manchester City yesterday.

A shame this has happened, as Wolverhampton football club have been kept in the Premier league for the last three years by their excellent ex-manager Mick McCarthy.

The decision by the owner of the club, to sack him so close to the end of the season was very short sighted, and has resulted in them going down to the Championship.

The owner decided that they wanted a better manager, they even started interviewing people and there were several prospective new managers.

People like Alan Curbishley and Steve Bruce, both with proven track records as football managers, and both were very interested in the job.                                 

Then Wolves decided they would stop the interviews and gave the job to McCarthy's assistant Terry O'Connor.

A strange decision seeing as they wanted a better manager than Mick McCarthy, hopefully they won’t sack Terry O’Connor and will give him a chance next season.

Next weekend it will become clear which other clubs will be going down and which ones will be going up, but the tension will go on until the last games are played.

Then we have the European football Championship to look forward to, then that is the end of football for the summer, until the next season starts in August.

Before that there is summer to look forward to, and there are two visits from two very good friends to anticipate.

Something we both need, as we spend a lot of time with just the two of us, we do like each other's company we always have, but it's also good for both        of us to see other people.

I can hardly wait to see Jaya; she will be here at the beginning of May for three wonderful days.

Another good friend, Angela will be coming to visit in August, knowing that these two lovely friends will be visiting has given me a huge boost.

It will be brilliant to see these two friends again, nice to have such good friends coming to spend some time with us.

I'm so looking forward to socialising with our dear friends, its going to be excellent to have friends spending time with us here.


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Mary Gerdt said...

I love to hear to talk football! Have a great season! Love, mary