Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Finally Good News

Victor Reinganum

 Last night I felt much better after, Richie told me the good news that finally there seemed to be some progress.

Really brilliant, and just when I was starting to lose hope that there was any perspective of there being any signs that the healing was carrying on.

Initially it looked like it would be healed very quickly, when Richie mentioned this on 22 February, I have a sinking feeling listening to his words.

It reminded me too much of January 2010, when I had been sitting for just six weeks, a new cushion for the shower chair caused so much friction that the pressure sore scar was ripped open.

At the time, Ton, the wonderful nurse from the rehabilitation clinic, said that it won't take more than a couple weeks to heal.

Then I was in bed from 14 January until the end of April, and then I sat for about 10 days before the scar burst open again.

This kept happening every two weeks, and then I would have to stay in bed again until it was healed.

This went on until August 2010 and when finally it was closed and I could sit in my wheelchair again.

So hearing Richie tell me that it wasn't much, and it would be healed very quickly filled me with dread.

The thought of being in bed so long again, filled me with dread, so Richie’s news last night was the best I had heard for sometime.

Then I just saw that the best music program Later with  Jools Holland is back on BBC 2 TV for a new serie, suddenly life is even better.  


Webster said...

Thinking of you every day Herrad, and sending good healing energy across the ocean your way.

Our weather persists in the 50's with showers, but they predict 65 for next Sunday. Keeping fingers crossed as I am SO ready for warmer weather.

Gareth said...

Hi H, great to read its on the mend also that Jools will be back on to brighten up your evenings with music.

Herrad said...

hi webster,
thanks for your support, so wish we could meet, maybe skype.

hi gareth,
its great finally progress, jools is good.

thanks you lovely friends for both your visits and comments.