Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Freedom To Express Myself.

Mimi Parent

Here I am using my Dragon speech recognition software, without any worries which is really nice.

Richie and the dogs have just got back from the Rembrandt Park, where they seem to have had lots of fun, judging by the mad way the dogs are running around the house.

It is great sitting here talking into my Bluetooth microphone and having all my words appear on the screen in front of me, not bad.

I really didn't expect to be enjoying using this Dragon software so much as I am right now.

It really is giving me the freedom to express myself without getting exhausted, by dragging my hand across the keyboard and making my index finger keep typing.

Recently I have not managed to write as much as I used to which was  frustrating for me.

So much to say and no possibility to write as my index finger would often simply stop functioning for the day.

When my index finger stops working, at first I try and use my thumb as well as my little finger to keep typing, it works for a while but then I have to stop.

This usually means that writing stops until the next day, now I can just keep writing, and the only thing that stops me now, is the time.

I am really happy now with Dragon 11, it really is so much better than the earlier versions, it recognised my voice much quicker this time.

Which has meant very little irritation and a lot of pleasure being able to express myself by writing a daily post.

Now at the end of the day there's even a glimpse of sunshine, not bad at 18.14, spring is really here, and who knows things may get better soon.

Tonight it will get even better because one of the best programs recenty, is on the TV later on, The Voice,
with Sir Tom Jones, Jessie J,, Danny O'Donoghue.   

I am looking forward to it tremendously.


Anonymous said...

Doctors I've worked with who've used some of the early editions were constantly cursing it, but as you say, it has improved quite a bit. Glad it is helping you continue on with blogging. ~Mary

Webster said...

I'm glad Dragon is working out so well for you. So much better than blinking at the screen, I think.

Doggies, having to run off their energy from running off their energy = too funny.

I hope your bum heals up soon, it's a shame that it's taking so long. Spring is here, sorta, and we need to begetting out in it!

Rhapsody B. said...

I am so happy for you. You are a blessing and deserved to be blessed with the easy and freedom of expressing yourself.

stay blessed.

Herrad said...

hi mary, hi webster, hi rhapsody,

i am enjoying being able to express myself
freely again without forcing my index finger to type, its been frustrating for me.

thanks you lovely friends for your supportive visits and comments.