Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Memories

John Glover

Well today is the same weather as over the Easter weekend, how typical that the weather was so shitty.

It reminded me, of when, we get just moved to Reading, and friends visited us from Germany, they were very excited to be visiting us in England.

Sadly, the visit was at Easter, an early Easter at the beginning of April, just like this weekend.

On Easter Sunday 1965, we had every sort of weather that was possible, we had rain, hail, sleet, snow, thunderstorm with plenty of lightning.

Our visitors, really hated it, they thought the weather would be just as nice as it had been in Germany.

I remember it well, at our visitors request, we went to Windsor Castle, which would have been much nicer at the weather been pleasant.

What really made matters worse, was when we got to the castle, our visitors discovered to their horror, that there was no cafe available.

No coffee or cake was the last straw, after the horrible weather, they just couldn't believe, that Windsor Castle did not have cafe.

It was very funny, a memory that was so funny, I will never forget it, to this day whenever I see an old ruined building, I wonder if they have a cafe.

Happy memories of the past.  


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