Sunday, April 22, 2012

It's The Tense Time of the Football Season.

Toni del Renzio 

Today has been a very pleasant relaxing time; we were very late waking up again.

That's because we were up until about 02.00 AM this morning, as we watched Match of the Day on BBC1 TV, followed by the Football League Show.

It is very exciting seeing that this is the end of the Football Season, so it's in very nerve wracking for all the teams involved.

We watched a tense game between Manchester United and Everton; it ended with a score line of 4-4, which was excellent for David Moyes, the Everton manager.

This is the time of year that Alex Ferguson, the manager of Manchester United calls squeaky bum time, when everybody is either trying to win or trying to avoid relegation.

It really is a tense time, especially when the club that you follow is in the relegation zone.

Arsenal, the club I follow; because I used to live in North London while I was doing my Criminology degrees, and went to some of the games, is doing very well.

Right now they are number three, in the Premier League which means that they will have an automatic place in the Champions League football next season.

Next Sunday is the end of the football season, the big game while playing for is between Manchester city and Manchester United.

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