Thursday, April 26, 2012

Looking Forward


On Tuesday night when Chelsea had successfully won against Barcelona, we both thought that it would be brilliant if Bayern München were to win against Real Madrid the next night.

Then Chelsea would have to play Bayern Munchen in the final, quite an excellent idea, we thought.

We didn't see all of the game the next night, by the time we'd switch to it, Ronaldo had scored twice for Madrid, it seemed like they were going to win.

There were no goals in  the second half, so the competition went to extra time and when that was over, it went to penalties.

And then there was the hilarious sight of Real Madrid best players missing their penalties, Ronaldo was the first, followed by Kaka.

So funny seeing the Madrid fans faces, as it dawned on them that they might not be winning, something that doesn't often happen to them.

But it was to get even better when the last German player, Sebastian Schweinsteiger stepped forward and took his penalty and won it.

Just before that happened there was a quite sad sight of the Real Madrid manager Moriniho’s down on his knees seeming to pray.

Sadly for him, skill not superstition won the game, at the end of which he disappeared down the tunnel.

The last picture we saw was a very happy Bayern Munchen players and ecstatic fans, it was a lovely sight, I'm looking forward now to 19 May and the final.                                      

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