Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Doing things for ourselves

Kansuke Yamamoto    
Later with Jools Holland was back on the BBC 2, last night; it was lovely to see, especially as Paul Weller started the show with a brilliant number.

This Friday we will be able to hear him do several more numbers, as Friday is always the longer show.

After a good nights sleep, I was immensely cheered up by seeing an article in the Guardian newspaper, about the collusion of the Blair government in sending suspects by special rendition to other countries to be interrogated using torture.

The Guardian article reports that the former Home Secretary Jack Straw will be facing legal action over claims he sent two Libyans, by special rendition to be tortured in Libya.

Hopefully Tony Blair will also face charges; he should also be facing charges, for backing the illegal war in Iraq.

Tony Blair along with George Bush Jr, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld should all be on trial for the illegal war; purely it seems for personal gain.

Many thousands of Iraqi people were murdered, their communities destroyed; and what was once a thriving country has been virtually ruined.

What was a modern secular state is now a sectarian fundamentalist society, thanks to Blair and Bush’s illegal invasion and war, which has totally destabilised the entire region.

Purely for the oil revenues that they could get their hands on, this was the same story in Libya, action in return for a very large slice of the oil revenue.

No wonder they're not rushing into Syria, no large reserves of oil to interest them there.

They're however not too worried, as Burma is finally also pretending to play the democracy game, in the hope that sanctions will be lifted.

This would open up the country, to development by companies from overseas, to come in and invest in infrastructure.

That would make it possible for those companies and the Burmese ruling elite, the generals to exploit the country's tremendous natural resources.

The worlds ruling elites, don't care who they do business with, as long as it is business which gives them only, even more profits.

That is after all, the only thing they truly care about, which is keeping themselves and their friends, the other ruling elites in power.

So that they, can carry on accumulating the worlds natural resources, purely for themselves and at all our expenses.

Democracy encourages us to believe our vote’s matter that they make a difference, they don’t, and they just keep the pretence going of one day things will improve.

Things will only improve, if we make them happen for ourselves, we are the only ones who want changes, the ruling elites and their associates don’t want changes to their status as our leaders.

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