Saturday, April 28, 2012

Might Even Win.


Recently I was getting myself worried about some paperwork that I felt I wouldn’t get done on time.

Then yesterday I realised that I did not need to panic as I would get the tasks completed on time.

It amused me when I discovered that I was getting in a right flap about very little, typically I was getting myself worked up for nothing.

I need to get our tax returns in, at the moment I'm waiting for a couple of documents that I have to include.

What made me even more cheerful, was finding out that I could use my tax return from last year as a template for this year's.

Most of the items are the same, just some numbers have to be changed, there was me getting all upset.

The other thing that really relieved the pressure was hearing from our acquaintance, an accountant who does our tax for us, that I have until the second week in May to hand in the documents to him.

On Wednesday I had a visit from two friends, Cecile and Anne, which was really good as it turned out.

 I mentioned that I was really concerned that would not be able to attend my appeal against the council refusing me the air conditioning.

Saying I didn't think that our friend Anja reading out a letter from me describing all the problems I have when it gets warm in the summer would not be effective.

Cecile said immediately that if I prepared my statement then she would come round before the hearing and film me in bed.

That way the court will be able to see exactly what my situation is, and perhaps that might persuade them to overturn the Council’s decision.

While I have absolutely no belief in the justice system, nevertheless I shall give it a good shot, and who knows I might even win, that would be excellent.


Travelogue for the Universe said...

A picture is worth a thousand words. Access denied-you are denied a voice due to being confined. Best wishes on your appeal. If they deny it they will think of your face not some written words. Have a great week, Freezing here! Love, mary

Have Myelin? said...

I agree. A picture is worth a thousand words - at least.

It makes it more personal too. Good luck!

Herrad said...

hi mary, hi sherry,
thank you for both your visits and comments. I agree with both of you and really hope that when the hearing sees me and here's my story they will overturn councils decision.
I really appreciate your support and is given me quite a boost thanks again.
PS this was done with the Dragon speech recognition software.

Herrad said...

hi again,
sadly I was not allowed to either be present in court via a video or Skype, the compromise they offered was a phone call. And they went back on that I had to rely on my friend reading my letter. To the court. Not very fair but what is. Love, Herrad