Friday, April 13, 2012

Having More Fun with Dragon

This is the third time I've used Dragon Speech recognition software, it still great fun and apart from the odd mistake it’s easy to use.

It happens when the software does not recognise what I'm saying; luckily this time it rather amuses me.

The first time I tried to use Dragon speech recognition software was in 2007, and then I had to do the tutorials several times as the software was not so easy to use.

That meant I had to correct a lot more mistakes than I've had to do this time, this time the tutorial went very easily and my voice seemed to be recognised right away.

This gives me confidence to keep using it; I will have to do my Dutch tutorials again, probably several times in order to achieve excellent results.

Additionally I will have to do the German tutorial, which I couldn't do the other night, because it was much too late.

Today is another rainy misty overcast day, no sunshine at all this afternoon, Richie says quite cool, he reckons it's about 12° outside during the day.

Richie has taken the dogs for a long run and play in the Amsterdam Woods, they love it out there, and soon they will be back.
Demanding their dinner and rushing around the apartment in great delight to show me what a brilliant time they've had in the woods.

I'm looking forward to seeing them on their joyful return from their great adventure in the woods.

I really hope that this tear in the old scar will heal soon so that I will be able to have some adventures of my own outside this year.

Not sure how I do it but I'm managing to stay optimistic, Richie’s love and care helps keep me motivated.


Travelogue for the Universe said...

So nice to hear your spontaneous speech. Have a great weekend, love, mary

Gareth said...

Watcha Folks again Its just so wonderful to read about the Dragon software enabling you to write with your wonderful flow and flare:) A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the BirthdayBOY
Wishing you all a pleasent day and weekend sending Oddles of LOVE@HUGS GXXX

Webster said...

Oh, It's Richie's B'day! Happy Birthday Richie. They come too fast, don''t they?

Herrad, I've been missing your posts then noticed that you don't date them. Oh well, I'm caught up now. I'm glad you're doing well with Dragon speaking. It sounds like it's working well for you. Yippee.

Sorry your cut is taking so long to heal. I don't get it. Could it be because you move around at night so much, such a mystery.

Herrad said...

hi gareth,
its brilliant using dragon 11 much better than before.k

hi webster,
dragon 11 is excellent.
skin fragile.

thanks you darlings for your visits and comments.