Sunday, April 15, 2012

Some Perspective of Positive Developments

The Golden Egg, 1967.
Victor  Reinganum

It is wonderful that I am sitting here with the television on and I'm watching Chelsea playing Tottenham Hotspurs, a proper London Derby.

Really can't be bad; television and dictating at the same time, pretty good, plus the sun is actually shining.

It is the end of the day, amazingly it’s already 19.21, and it really is wonderful how quickly we get used to the evenings being lighter.

I love that the days have got longer, almost without my noticing, this really is my favourite time of year when everything is growing again now winter is over.

How I wish I was also coming back to life too, our good friend Cecile, recently got the all clear after five years, it is good to know she is clear of cancer now.aaaa

How l wish I was clear of Multiple Sclerosis, I wish we all were, if only there were some perspective of positive developments in the research as to the cause of the disease.e

 It would be great to either being able to be totally cured or at least there was a properly tested drug that really slows down the effects of this horrible disease.

If only the research into the causes of MS, could finally work out why Multiple Sclerosis occurs, then I would feel confident about taking the disease modification drugs.

While the Pharmapheutical companies have no idea what causes Multiple Sclerosis, and no idea of what their medicines do to people, I've no intention of taking their drugs.

I have no intention of taking any medication, where I'm not sure how it will affect me, I keep hearing so often about blog friends taking medication that seems to make things worse not better for them.

I get really quite sad, when I read about friends, on disease modification drugs, which just seems to make them worse not better.
Sadly just like with any medication, once you start taking it, it is difficult to stop again, I know this myself.

It happens often that as soon as I taken one sleeping tablet, I often feel like I should take one the next night too, but I don't, that’s how addictions start.

I think it's more difficult to get off described medicines, recently there have been quite a few deaths reported in the media, of various celebrities dying as a result of prescription drugs.

People don't seem to think that you can be addicted to drugs prescribed by the doctor; they think that because they're from a doctor they must be all right.

Nothing could be further from the truth, pharmaceutical companies are just drug dealers, and the only difference is, that they are legal.

Just like the other legal drug companies, which sell alcohol and tobacco, all extremely addictive drugs, the only difference is that they too are legal.

Funnily enough all of these legal drugs cause many more deaths, than the illegal drugs have ever caused, hopefully the misguided action against illegal drugs will stop in the near future and countries will legalise the illegal drugs.

This will hopefully stop the ridiculous prohibition of drugs, and stop criminalising people, and filling the prisons with thousands of innocent people who are not allowed to choose for themselves.

The opportunity cost of the misguided ’war’ against drugs, has denied people and their communities so much money, which would have been better spent giving people the lives they needed and deserved.  

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