Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Still No Progress

Milou, the nurse from the rehabilitation clinic, came to check on the progress of the wound today.

It looks good, but again there was no progress, the tear still has not healed over, which is extremely frustrating.

What is really getting me down is the fact that I am trapped in bed, with no immediate prospect of being able to get the out of bed any time soon.

I'm trying to remain calm, optimistic and cheerful, but I'm finding this very difficult to maintain.

Especially, because next month, in May, our very good friend Jaya, will be visiting us from Canada.

I was hoping I would be able to go out with her, and visit the market and generally just go around Amsterdam with my darling friend Jaya.

But the way things are now, it doesn't look like I will be able to sit in my wheelchair during her visit to us.

Milou, will be back on 26 April, I'm hoping that there will be better news then, I so wish there will be progress then.

The other frustration, is that on 9 May, is my appeal at the civil court here in Amsterdam, against a decision by the council to refuse me air conditioning.

I asked Milou this morning, to make a small dossier for me with the history of my pressure sore and the length of time, it took to heal the last time.

I also asked her to write a small letter emphasising the dangers of excessive sweating causes to my skin.

Sweat is very bad for vulnerable skin like mine, so lying motionless at night, unable to move, apart from involuntary movements causes a lot of problems.

Hopefully the history of my pressure sore as well as the letter, plus a letter from rehabilitation Dr will also be useful at the court case on 9 May.

Seems that the only thing I can do, is to remain cheerful and make the best of things.

This was writen with Dragon Speech recognition sotware, I still need to find out, how to move between applications, hopefully I will discover this soon, but if anybody can help me tips and advice I would be very happy for your help.


Travelogue for the Universe said...

I hope you are healing well and proper...wounds are finicky. When it is not healing on the top, it may be laying down underlayment tissue which you need. Medicaid in Vermont covers air conditioners for people with MS. Heat really gets me. hang in there. Your speech writing is great! love, mary

Herrad said...

hi Mary,
you're right wounds are very finicky, this one apparently looks good and it did seem that it was healing but right now the healing process seems to be stagnating. Hopefully it will improve soon.
I am so enjoying using Dragon, is making my life much easier.
Thanks for coming by.