Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Life is full of Surprises


Last night was really great fun; we watched the Champions League game between Barcelona Football club and Chelsea Football club on the TV.

One week ago we watched the first leg of the tournament, when Barcelona played Chelsea in England at Stamford Bridge.

Then it was amusing to see the dismay on the Barcelona player’s faces when Didier Drogba scored a goal for Chelsea and the team prevented Barcelona from equalising.

This was an important away game for Barcelona, as every away goal counts for two on aggregate, but they didn't manage even one goal.

Barcelona had not expected this; their attitude always seems to be that they think that just by turning up they are automatically going to win.

Because they have been the best team in Europe for quite some time, they believe that they will always win.

Quite often they do win, as they are a very good team, the only drawback is that Barcelona sadly always cheat, shame really as they're all such good players.

What made last night brilliant, was that Barcelona got two goals and it looked like they would win.

Then John Terry, the captain of the team, was penalised for fouling a Barcelona player, he got a red card and was instantly sent off.

This meant Chelsea were now without their captain, and their best defender, so all they could do was just try to stop Barcelona playing football.

Which they managed very well, with only 10 players and no defenders, then Ramares gave Chelsea a new chance to get back into the game by scoring a brilliant goal.

This really rattled the Barcelona team, who started giving the opposing side kicks and nudges, as well as diving at every opportunity they could, in their attempts to get a penalty.

They got a penalty which Lionel Messi, took and missed much to the delight of all the Chelsea fans in the stadium.

It was funny to see Lionel Messi, who is considered the best football player in the world, not only not getting a goal, and constantly hitting the bar, but that out of frustration he also kicked a Chelsea player.

Then Chelsea manager Roberto de Matteo decided to take Didier Drogba off, because he was very tired after putting in a brilliant performance.

The manager brought on Fernando Torres who much to everybody's delight, apart from Barcelona fans and players scored a wonderful goal, which meant Chelsea had won the game.

So now they go on to the final where they were either play Real Madrid or Bayern Munchen, I think it would be hilarious if Bayern Munchen were to win.

A perfect finale of the Champions League; I think it would be hilarious if Bayern Munchen would beat Real Madrid tonight, which they did.

Nothing better than the apple cart being upset, Barcelona and Madrid were obviously hoping that they would be playing against each other in the final.

Life really is full of surprises.

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