Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Real Reason

Endre Rozsda 

Yesterday a very good day, I sat in a reasonably stable position, and needed only for Richie to reposition me once.

Unlike today, when I've needed him to move me several times, and then typically as soon as Richie and the dogs left at five, my position became very difficult to maintain.

I'm so glad that Richie and the dogs are back now, finally after two hours of sitting extremely badly and in much discomfort, I will be adjusted that so that  I can be comfortable.

It worked, but not for long because quite soon I was slumped once again, at 19.30 when Richie got me out of bed, we realised what the real reason was for my bad posture.

Once again it was all down to bowel movements, I desperately needed one so instead sitting in my wheelchair to do my exercises with the Motomed, I asked Richie to take me straight to the toilet.

Good thing to as I was desperate to have a crap, what a relief once it was over, it was huge and no wonder I was totally destabilised this afternoon.

No wonder I could not maintain my position, and also no wonder I was feeling quite miserable.

And actually started to cry at which point I called Richie and the rest is history now, because I'm back in bed having successfully done my exercises.


Webster said...

I am so sorry that your intestines are giving you so much crap. (haha crap). It would be nice if they could give you a little more warning. I am still more mobile than you but loss of sensation in that area is one of my more problematic symptoms. If I drink as much water as I need to to have a proper BM, the likelihood that I will make it to the toilet in time is doubtful - so I have to manage my fluids such that I maintain what I call "managed constipation." I imagine this will only get worse with time.

Gareth said...

Hi ya folks just sending BIG LOVE @ HUGS, Hope you have a pleasent weekend. O having lino down in bathroom tomoorow:)

Herrad said...

hi webster,
you are right its crap, really shitty for us all.

hi gareth,
hugs back to you enjoy the lino.

thanks for both your visits and comments.